8 Dedicated Civil Servants8 Dedicated Civil Servants

While politicians and kings can only issue orders, civil servants are the unsung heroes of every nation’s progress and prosperity. Everyone in the government, including the police, collectors, and administrative staff, should agree that this is the best leader.

The public is being misled by civil bureaucrats who merely sign documents and pass orders to lower-level personnel about meeting basic needs like water, electricity, and infrastructure connected to urbanization.

There are many different topics that public servants like IPS, IAS, and others need to be engaged about to make a difference this year. Inspiring public servants can be both newcomers and long-term members of the church. Here is the list of top 8 dedicated civil servants of our country.

Smita Sabharwal

Smita Sabharwal, famous as a “people’s officer,” served as the Warangal Panchayat’s commissioner and Karimnagar’s district magistrate. During her tenure, she spearheaded the “Fund Your City” campaign, which raised public awareness about improving traffic junctions and building footbridges in the town. Additionally, the Karimnagar area spearheaded an initiative to bring underserved female patients to public hospitals.

Now, she is the youngest additional secretary in the office of the chief minister of Telangana. The Telangana government has expressed gratitude for her work on “Mission Bhagiratha,” which aims to provide individuals in rural regions with 100 litres of potable water and those in urban areas with 150 litres.

Rema Rajeshwari

Rema Rajeshwari is an IPS officer with a remarkable track record. She has saved hundreds of women from trafficking and abuse, improved access to clean water and sanitation in rural schools, and ended the practice of child marriage.

Furthermore, she is currently the subject of national awareness campaigns on “Whatsapp” rumours and fraudulent messages. Operations in the Mahabubnagar district would begin with sting operations, followed by those in 400+ villages. The IPS officer’s WhatsApp will be used to track mob deaths.

B Raghu Kiran

“GST” The average man, in particular, has been hit hard by this tax, which has altered everything. Some eateries and shops are dishonest merchants who charge customers more than necessary in GST and other taxes. An IRS agent (who is also technically gifted) can help you find the right software and apps. In this way, consumers can easily see if a vendor can collect tax by checking their invoice with the app.

Hari Chandana Dasari, IAS

There are restrictions on plastic usage in Hyderabad; waste is recycled, tiles and other items are used in metro stations, waste is dumped in a landfill, and GHMC IAS official Hara Chandan Garu is planning India’s first dog park.

Additionally, she was instrumental in the Twin Cities dry/wet waste start process.

Nikhil Nirmal, IAS

Coming from the state with the highest literacy rate, Nikhil Nirmal hails from Kerala. In West Bengal, this youthful ias officer undertook his religious initiation known as the “Aloran” ritual. Twenty thousand youngsters in seventy-three villages escaped poverty and attended school because of his initiative. The government of West Bengal is appreciative of the active officers who are fighting child abuse, trafficking, poverty, and other issues.

Atul Kulkarni

The average citizen’s worst nightmare comes true when they file a complaint with the police. Drug misuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence were among the pressing issues he addressed when he first spoke out to the public and the police.

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Renu Raj

Renu Raj, a Kerala-based IAS firebrand officer, cares about and cares for people experiencing homelessness. Nearly 2,000 homeless and abandoned seniors were treated on the spot, and renu raj performed 250 free procedures. Homeless and abandoned seniors were rescued from various old-age facilities.

Krishna Teja

The massive rescue operation that krishna teja led during the Kerala floods made him a star in the state. He rescued 12,000 animals and approximately 2.5 million people from the devastating floods in August of this year.

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