West Bengal Municipal ElectionsWest Bengal Municipal Elections

In the municipal election results west bengal, the ruling Trinamool Congress won 102 of the 108 municipalities. This is a landslide victory. The party faced no opposition in 31 of the 102 municipalities where the TMC was victorious. West Bengal’s chief minister and leader of the Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee, congratulated the party’s victorious candidates and thanked the voters for their incredible support. 

In the Nadia district’s Taherpur Municipality, the Left Front won. Following last year’s Assembly elections, when it won 77 seats, the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) became the dominant opposition party in West Bengal. However, the BJP was unable to establish its account. Even the Congress lost one seat. To everyone’s surprise, the newly-formed Humro Party won the Darjeeling Municipality. 

Despite the violence, 77% of eligible voters voted in the municipal election. Voting day reports surfaced from throughout the state detailing incidents of alleged TMC worker intimidation, electoral malpractices, and attacks on media. Meanwhile, the BJP asked for a repoll. Party members in the state went on strike for 12 hours on Monday in response to civic election violence and allegations of electoral malpractices, which the ruling TMC has rejected. 

Triumphant Trinamool Sets Sights For Resounding Win 

Following its resounding triumph in the municipal election results west bengal a fortnight ago, the ruling Trinamool Congress swept all opposition in Wednesday’s civic elections, capturing 93 out of 107 municipalities, according to an SEC official. 

Kanthi Municipality, held by BJP MLA and Nandigram’s leader of opposition SuvenduAdhikari, fell to the TMC. At the same time, Darjeeling Municipality was won by the Hamro Party, a relative newcomer to hill politics, by crushing TMC, GJM, and BJP. 

Gained by the Left Front, led by the CPI (M), Taherpur Municipality in the Nadia district was also gained. 

Although the BJP and the Congress have won several wards in various towns, they have yet to take over a local body. 

There are now 93 municipalities for which the TMC has won or is in the lead. According to the State Election Commission (SEC) officials, the Left Front has taken over one civic body, and the Hamro Party has taken over the other. 

After gaining all 27 municipalities, the TMC has effectively eliminated the opposition’s count. 

The party has yet to secure a clear majority in at least four municipalities: Beldanga in Murshidabad, Jhalda in Purulia, Champdani in Hooghly, and Egra in PurbaMedinipur district. The creation of boards in these civic organisations is dependent on independence. 

West Bengal Municipal Elections

Triumphant Trinamool Sets Sights For Resounding Win 

The Adhikari family suffered a devastating blow when the TMC annexed Kanthi Municipality, which had been their backyard for four decades. 

Except for five years between 1981 and 1986, SisirAdhikari, father of the LoP, served as chairman of the municipality for a quarter of a century, from 1971 to 2009. His younger son, DibyenduAdhikari, took over after him as an MP. 

SoumenduAdhikari succeeded his older brother Dibyendu as a member of parliament following his 2016 by-election victory. 

The Hamro organisation overcame the GorkhaJanmuktiMorcha, the BJP, and the TMC to win the hill town municipality. Ajoy Edwards is a well-known restaurateur and former GNLF leader. 

A few days ago, the TMC won Dinhata Municipality in the Coochbehar district without a challenger out of 108 municipalities supposed to hold elections. 

In one of the most comprehensive electoral exercises in the state since the assembly polls last year, reports of widespread violence, rigging, and fights with the police emerged from different sections of West Bengal, spanning from the north to the south. 

The BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) condemned the election as a “mockery of democracy” and demanded a 12-hour curfew on Monday in response to the disturbance. The opposition parties are attempting to find reasons for this, as they sense loss, according to the TMC, who dismissed the accusations as false. 

Abolishing Food Insecurity in His District: West Bengal ‘Singham’ IAS Officer Takes Action! 

Food safety hits close to home for Nikhil Nirmal, an Indian Administrative Service officer from the 2011 batch who was just appointed as the District Magistrate of Alipurduar—a district that became part of West Bengal only in June 2014—. 

“Despite the fact that it is a matter of public health, food safety is routinely disregarded across India, including in West Bengal. This is a topic close to my heart because a close friend of mine pass away last year after contracting food poisoning at a famous restaurant in Cochin. According to Nikhil, who spoke with The Better India, the cause of his death was a bacterial illness that he received from eating unclean food. 

The district administration had received several complaints about food adulteration and unclean practices before he became the head of the department. Nevertheless, the Alipurduar Municipality’s Food Inspector (FI) position remained unfilled (as a result of insufficient administrative capability). Therefore, no action was taken. 

After receiving numerous complaints, Nikhil swiftly ordered a crackdown on the town’s hotels, restaurants, food vendors, and similar institutions. 

Due to a lack of resources, I requested that the FI stationed at Jalpaiguri, approximately 200 kilometres away, perform weekly Wednesday inspections in Alipurduar. Nikhil claims that he accompanied many government officials, including the FI, on the raids that began last month to acquire video footage per the proper protocol. 

How much did they uncover? 

They discovered, among other things, that almost all the businesses needed a government-issued food licence and that the food quality could have been higher. The refrigerators were unsanitary, with cockroaches running across the floor and shelves and fungus growing over the food. 

Probationary IAS officer SumanMohanty stated, “Besides, we also found fungus-laden food, rusted utensils, use of kerosene which is a major fire hazard, improper handling without gloves, apron and headgear and encroachment on public land.” Suhanty was working under Nikhil’s supervision. 

In the first case, five large hotels were search, three of which were seal off due to noncompliance with food regulations and lack of required paperwork. Additionally, show-cause notices were serve by the administration immediately. The administration was unmov by the district chamber of commerce’s protests that merchants could not be fine for lack of food licence. 

Regarding the cleanliness of food, West Bengal is not exactly known for its stellar reputation. A terrifying case concerning selling spoil meat in Kolkata is currently being hear by the Calcutta High Court, which has scare many locals. 

West Bengal is a haven for forgers and a pit of misery regarding food safety inspections. In his statement to reporters, environmental activist and petitioner Subhash Dutta emphasised that prevention is always preferable to cure. 

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